Definition Of pulps


a soft, wet, shapeless mass of material.

Reading the hundreds of blog entries about Huffington's site from today is like watching a swarm of fire ants invade a robin's nest and turn the chicks to red pulp .

crush into a soft, shapeless mass.

Faking Cleopatra's suicide would have been as easy as pulping a fig.

popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.

Popular pulp fiction and radio sow the seeds of resistance to social injustice.

Example Of pulps

  • A loose or broken filling may also cause infection in the tooth pulp .

  • About mid-career, in order to create a mask of professionalism, many journalists tend to pulp the optimism and joy they first felt at writing.

  • According to P. Manoharan, Project Director, PACHE Trust, a tonne of paperboard could be manufactured from three tonnes of sugarcane pulp .

  • After reading Monday's story of the 17-year-old York lad addicted to crime, my Evening Press was reduced to little more than tear-stained pulp .

  • And this doesn't included the sixty billion paperbacks printed every year, half of which are pulped and set to Japan to make toilet paper.

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