Definition Of prongs


each of the separate parts of an attack or operation.

One of the prongs of the Court's obscenity test is that the speech must ‘appeal to the prurient interest’ in order to be punishable as obscenity.

each of two or more projecting pointed parts at the end of a fork.

Cut each strip into 1-inch pieces and roll each piece against the prongs of a fork to shape.

pierce or stab with a fork.

pronging the bread with a fondue fork

Example Of prongs

  • Along Michigan Avenue there is a car lot that has a large light pole with 3 prongs on it that is fun and unique.

  • As he spun he twirled his pistols and thumbed a button that extended prongs from the handles.

  • At this point, not all of the prongs are the same size or strength.

  • Bend each of those prongs roughly 90 degrees to form hooks at their halfway point.

  • Beryllium fork tips were also manufactured to be attached to the prongs of standard forks for handling such things as celluloid scrap and gun cotton.

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