Definition Of progresses


forward or onward movement toward a destination.

I keep taking little steps, then big ones, and as such make progress forward.

move forward or onward in space or time.

There are many talented young players on this team and as time progresses we can look forward to bigger and greater achievements.

Example Of progresses

  • After December, it will monitor the factory to see if it has made progress in improving working conditions.

  • As he made contact, his body was overcome with overwhelming pain and his forward progress slowed dramatically.

  • As I progressed forward I gradually gained height until I had climbed right up to the top of the rift and I could tell from the texture of the passage that few people had been this way.

  • As the condition progressed , the children's arms seemed to grow longer and their fingers curled under.

  • As the film progresses towards an inevitably downbeat conclusion, this becomes increasingly problematic.

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