Definition Of prefers


like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose.

The branches, however, proved to prefer approaches that were considerably more conventional.

promote or advance (someone) to a prestigious position.

he was preferred to the post

submit (a charge or a piece of information) for consideration.

The Prosecutor, before preferring the charges against the accused, looks for and gathers the evidence.

Example Of prefers

  • A prosecutor has considerable discretion as to what charges he prefers and the trial takes place on those charges.

  • Couples preferring a civil ceremony are increasingly choosing an approved location such as a hotel or stately home with a licence rather than a register office.

  • Following a lengthy hearing the appellant was committed for trial and the present indictment was preferred .

  • He confesses to another, personal reason for preferring the incumbent.

  • I prefer Venice to Rome

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