pole vault Meaning in Bengali

মেরু ভল্ট

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Definition Of pole vault


an athletic event in which competitors attempt to vault over a high bar with the end of an extremely long flexible pole held in the hands and used to give extra spring.

We are very strong here in Sligo on the track, but quite weak in some field events such as pole vault , high jump and hammer.

perform a pole vault.

She learned to hang-glide, to pole-vault , to jump with ease on skateboard and ski.

Example Of pole vault

  • And while he doesn't exactly pole vault and swing over the towering speaker cabinets anymore, he doesn't stay in one place either.

  • As he approached them he stuck his sword into the ground to use it to pole-vault over the flames.

  • Before I pole vault into bed, I'd like to thank all the folks who've written with good thoughts about my mother.

  • But the emotional pole-vaulting - landing in one zone of crisis only to leap off to the next - has left him with a nagging sense of guilt.

  • But unless the games are held either in America or Utah, we're not going to watch people pole vault .

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