Definition Of plus


(after a number or amount) at least.

companies put losses at $500,000 plus

(before a number) above zero; positive.

plus 60 degrees centigrade

a mathematical operation of addition.

an advantage.

knowing the language is a decided plus

furthermore; also.

it's packed full of medical advice, plus it keeps you informed about the latest research

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Example Of plus

  • plus 60 degrees centigrade

  • A plus factor of this expedition is that the Irish speak English.

  • a minus and a plus make another minus

  • A sell-off would provide Berlin with some cash to plug budget gaps; plus , any private bank that takes it over would no longer be overly reliant on the whims of a fickle capital market.

  • A solution (two or more things mixed together) of oil plus another ingredient would increase the density of the oil.

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