Definition Of phytognomy


a person's facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin.

Perhaps being disposed to look for affinities, I do see something to connect the physiognomies , in a certain fleshiness of the features, the long prominent noses, the deep upper lips.

Example Of phytognomy

  • a world where physiognomy was a respected practice

  • Although, at 39, Will Self is approaching mid-life and he can see the ‘lowering storm of age and extinction’ ahead of him, there is still certainly nothing in his prose or his physiognomy to suggest that he will become flabby or paunchy.

  • And we do frequently identify people on this basis too - I recognize someone walking down the hall as the dean of the college by his physiognomy , attire, voice, etc.

  • Biometrics posits that there are unique, measurable, and permanent physical features, which is why this science - like physiognomy before it - has difficulty with the simple fact that people change.

  • But this woman has committed to memory all the essentials of her own physiognomy , and can conjure up, time and again, her own basic likeness without resorting to a mirror.

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