Definition Of pastes


a thick, soft, moist substance typically produced by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid.

blend onions, sugar, and oil to a paste


a thick, soft, moist substance, usually produced by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid.

The most special offering to Lord Ganesha is the modakam, a ball of sweet coconut/jaggery fill, covered with a thick rice paste .

beat or defeat severely.

In fact, children of the famous are more likely to be critically pasted rather than approved, and the more successful the parent, the tougher it will be on their offspring.

coat with paste.

The introduction of papering techniques whereby the wall rather than the paper is pasted has made hanging the wallpaper less fraught with peril than it used to be.

Example Of pastes

  • paste brooches

  • A handy tip is to give the walls one or two coats of emulsion or a coat of paste before you wallpaper.

  • A skilled artisan, Mr. Misra says that the real potochitras are actually made on canvas made of bandage cloth which is pasted with a paste of tamarind and naturally occurring gum.

  • A traditional Bermuda kite comprises a strung wooden frame, onto which are pasted sheets of brightly coloured tissue paper.

  • Add all the other ingredients except the tomato paste and herbs, bring to the boil, then simmer gently, stirring occasionally for two to three hours.

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