ationing out parcelling out meting out measuring out passing round handing out/round putting on the air/airwaves putting about making know passing o marking off change of timbre change of tone change of pitch ill usage ill use bad treatment ill treatment tracking dow emotional about the past longing/yearning/pining for the past laying down of arms giving i heath robinson device bag o give some stick to give flak to give a bad press to carp at turning aside hard labo penal servitude good vibes take ship step aboard climb aboard express in words make clear/plain/intelligible oninterventionism over the fence a bit thick ot o at all events after everything despite this/that in spite of this/that the dope the poop the rundow the word a brief a briefing the whole story (sense of) exile lack of contact back-stabbe the why and wherefore failure to take proper actio lack of proper care and attentio failure to take proper care lose sight of be lax about be remiss about ot attend to let slide pay little/no attention to badly maintained give the means to give the power to give someone the authority epresentatives (diplomatic) missio heavy-heartedness broken-heartedness working abroad elocate abroad live abroad settle abroad using up epresentative case high water mark smear campaigning misrepresentation of characte safe keeping a roof humming and hawing hanging back counter-argument ooting out wiping out knight of the road fast-talk ground dow angst-ridde acked with suffering a piece of old tackle a snack a bludge a doss money for jam money for old rope a doddle easy-peasy as easy as falling off a log block off the light to envelop in shadow cast doubt o lack confidence i lack of confidence/convictio moon gate kissing gate five-barred gate wicket gate property agent as was step in the right directio leap forward financial condition/state description of experience of illumination of make reparation fo one of these fine days at a future time/date at some point in the future at some time in the future second string ahead of its/one's time skilled perso tasty morsel sandhills line one's pockets make a packet clapback in reserve bits and bobs offcuts unused supplies uneaten food blow for blow measure for measure getting eve deed of covenant title deed legal document printed versio written copy written versio punch the (time) clock punch i clock o announce oneself make oneself know clock i put in place interpret as take great exception to disagree violently with complain vociferously/bitterly about emonstrate about thunder against make a protest against protest strongly at fair cow burr under/in someone's saddle pain in the backside carry out trials o trance-like bend the knee make a bow make an obeisance in (strict) confidence between you and me between us well muscled sturdily built law enforcement officer/agent gearing up ecessary steps preparatory measures become established ewly arrived up to the minute ewly discovered ecently developed in the swim bang up to date o thanks o indeed such as to put it another way cock and bull story scrape togethe ack up steal away with whisk away un away with of the first wate super- ultra-