Definition Of omnivorous


(of an animal or person) feeding on food of both plant and animal origin.

Sloth bears are omnivorous and feed on a variety of foods depending on what is available.

Example Of omnivorous

  • A recent article in the journal Nature, for example, reported that aquaculture for herbivorous or omnivorous species such as carp and molluscs can greatly contribute to global fish supplies.

  • A surprisingly consistent worldview emerges from the wildly original sound with repeated listens, explored within an aesthetically challenging and omnivorously creative musical framework.

  • Always an omnivorous consumer of journalism, I'd begun reading the occasional reference to something called the ‘greenhouse effect’.

  • Amidst all this solemn and committed political life Macmillan had time to keep a diary (with some gaps) and to read omnivorously , mainly but not entirely the English classics.

  • An omnivorous consumer of books and news, he has been able to spot markets where networked computers running just the right program can save customers money.

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