Definition Of narrow


(especially of a victory, defeat, or escape) with only a small margin; barely achieved.

The victory avenged after a narrow defeat earlier in the season.

(especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide) of small width.

he made his way down the narrow road

a narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water.

a basaltic fang rising from the narrows of the Upper Missouri

become or make less wide.

the road narrowed and crossed an old bridge

become or make more limited or restricted in extent or scope.

their trade surplus narrowed to $70 million in January

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Example Of narrow

  • A narrow margin of victory does not prohibit him from fighting for more tax cuts.

  • A narrow phonetic transcription of the yaourt lyrics will show how various formal features are employed to create the semblance of English.

  • After the meeting Epp expressed concern about the relatively narrow range of questions.

  • Although the Old Testament is a literature about an ancient people called Israel, it is not simply a national literature in any narrow sense.

  • As you go higher up the scale you narrow and decrease the scope of your knowledge until you know an enormous amount about very little.

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