Definition Of mum


a cultivated chrysanthemum.

Whether you want to compete or simply collect mums , the National Chrysanthemum Society has 43 chapters across the country.

act in a traditional masked mime or a mummers' play.

He was the first to draw scholarly attention to the custom of Christmas mumming in Newfoundland and its accompanying traditional drama, as evidenced in the standard work on the subject, Christmas Mumming in Newfoundland.

one's mother.

she often goes round to see her mum, who lives nearby


They kept their engagement and pregnancy mum for months.

Example Of mum

  • A hollowed pumpkin is a fitting place to tuck a small pot of mums or an arrangement of fresh or dried flowers.

  • An essential part of the mumming tradition was audience participation, with the crowd hissing the dragon and cheering St George to victory, and that's probably where we get our robust pantomime backchat these days.

  • Autumn's butterflies - fritillaries and migrating monarchs - match the burnt-orange mums just beginning to bloom.

  • Autumn-colored mums , pink carnations and fucshia orchids lining the streets.

  • Garden mums give us a burst of color in the fall when used to replace the annuals we have enjoyed since spring.

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