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a gangster's female companion.

This is no great film, but to treat it like some made-for-TV biopic of an unknown Midwestern gangster and his ditzy moll is itself a crime.

a prostitute.

She was wall to wall M&S, wall to wall company moll .

Example Of moll

  • Collectively, they're as sinister as the Kray gang and their molls .

  • Eastern motorcycle punks and their molls love to alter their appearance with bleach and henna and contact lenses of bizarre colouration.

  • Every day, the girls are haranguing her about her sexual exploits; talking about her as a slut, as a moll , somebody who sleeps with anybody.

  • He falls in with a gangster while at the same time falling for the gangster's moll .

  • He has cast one local politician as a member of the Mafia and another as his moll .

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