Definition Of mewl


(especially of a baby) cry feebly or querulously; whimper.

dozens of mewling babies

Example Of mewl

  • A boor's boor, he spends much of the book mewling about the end of England when he's exactly the sort of person England needs saving from.

  • A pair of well-trained sniper teams can hold up a platoon, a regiment, a brigade, send men scrabbling face down in the earth, huddling for cover, mewling and sobbing.

  • And they mewl and cry, their symphony invested with irony, which I merely attribute to a vein in the quartz.

  • Anyone who doubts me on this would only need to have seen me at 7.15 this morning, mewling pitifully to an empty room that I must have had bad sushi last night and was dying, dying, dying.

  • As a child I was frequently dragged mewling by my father, a devotee of Richard Jefferies, to Coate Water, which had supposedly prompted that writer's Bevis, a work I found, and still find, entirely resistible.

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