Definition Of meeting


a coming together of two or more people, by chance or arrangement.

he intrigued her on their first meeting

an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment.

the early-dismissal policy will be discussed at our next meeting

come into the presence or company of (someone) by chance or arrangement.

a week later I met him in the street

fulfill or satisfy (a need, requirement, or condition).

this policy is doing nothing to meet the needs of women

Example Of meeting

  • an athletics meeting

  • But some who attended the meeting felt their questions were yet to be answered.

  • Council passed a motion that further questions on the sessions not be discussed again at council meetings .

  • he chaired a public meeting attended by the Minister

  • He had therefore been entitled to attend the area assembly meetings , often held in non-council buildings.

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