Definition Of mannequi


a dummy used to display clothes in a store window.

Signs announcing ‘Special Sales’ were gone from shop windows - and there were two more mannequins than the day before.

Example Of mannequi

  • And it's not displayed on mannequins - it's on live models.

  • Clothes were mounted on racks on either side and mannequins stood on pedestals all around, displaying various wares.

  • Display cases and mannequins are being constructed for permanent display of the outfits in the communities.

  • Driven by the powerful grey consumer, modelling agencies with elderly mannequins are proliferating, and supermodels are making way for silver-haired ones as the advertising industry becomes attuned to the aging reality.

  • Gerri pointed out a nice-looking book bag on the display window hanging from the shoulder of a mannequin .

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