Definition Of loincloth


a single piece of cloth wrapped round the hips, typically worn by men in some hot countries as their only garment.

Women specialized in making clothing, such as ponchos, loincloths , and skirts.

Example Of loincloth

  • A case along the back wall held five large cloths and two long, narrow loincloths .

  • A section of bark cloth was worn as a loincloth by men or as a waistcloth by women.

  • Before European colonization, typical clothing was a loincloth for men and a skirt of natural fibers for women.

  • Dressed in a simple loincloth , first the men shower with cold water, then clean their teeth with a small twig from the neem tree.

  • Formerly, Sumu and Miskito women made loincloths and skirts from pounded tree bark or locally woven cotton.

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