Definition Of lap


(in a lapping machine) a rotating disk with a coating of fine abrasive for polishing.

(of an animal) take up (liquid) with the tongue in order to drink.

the cat was lapping up a saucer of milk

(of water) wash against (something) with a gentle rippling sound.

the waves lapped the shore

a hanging flap on a garment or a saddle.

a single turn of rope, thread, or cable around a drum or reel.

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Example Of lap

  • a lap record

  • A tear rolled down Sandra's cheek and plopped down into the lap of her black mid-length velveteen dress.

  • All he could hear was the wind sighing in the trees and the soft lap of water against the wall surrounding the lake.

  • All talk of the war being over was nonsense, and here were the trucks to take them on the first lap of their journey to death.

  • As the two women charged down the pool on the second lap with Quann clearly in the lead, the crowd rose to its feet and beseeched her for a world record.

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