Definition Of lacerate


tear or make deep cuts in (flesh or skin).

the point had lacerated his neck

Example Of lacerate

  • A badly lacerated knee meant he missed the Third Test but the attrition rate in the Kiwi camp meant that instead of being able to put his feet up, he had to travel to France to play in a one-off Test.

  • A few years later a crisis of confidence led him into an almost reclusive lifestyle, where he would paint to get away from the pain and, more disturbingly, lacerate his skin because he believed he wasn't attractive to the opposite sex.

  • A washing machine he was putting into the skip slipped backwards, gashing his forehead and leaving his fingers badly lacerated .

  • According to Iliev, Pazhin, who plays in Ukraine, has a torn ankle tendon, while Zagorich has a lacerated calf muscle.

  • He had a further accident lacerating his tendons and breaking his left wrist.

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