Definition Of junk


a flat-bottomed sailing vessel typical in China and the East Indies, with a prominent stem, a high stern, and lugsails.

There is some evidence for development of robust, high-seas sailing junks in China by thirteenth century AD.

a man's genitals.

discard or abandon unceremoniously.

sort out what could be sold off and junk the rest


Even heroin can be used recreationally; believe it or not, creating a junk habit takes time, money and a whole lot of junk .

old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.

You can hardly enter or leave the Royal Garden Plaza without tripping over someone's junk or having useless articles thrust into your face.

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Example Of junk

  • A large percentage of information encountered is clearly useless - junk e - mail, for example.

  • After they vanished, the basement was still full of junk metal and glass.

  • Also if I had had some sober time and took a shot of junk , I immediately began spiralling down into the dope slavery of everyday use.

  • Any other plastics have to be discarded as junk .

  • Bettie, now preferring the name Marilyn, had been on and off of heroin for years now but it was the first junk needle Callahan had let near her.

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