Definition Of insanitary


so dirty or ridden with germs as to be a danger to health.

insanitary conditions

Example Of insanitary

  • insanitary conditions

  • A visit there opens with Robert Baker's description of Leeds in 1842 and an invitation to tour the reconstructed unhealthy and insanitary streets of the town.

  • Along with damp, insanitary housing and poor schools and public services went appalling figures of child illness and mortality, tuberculosis for the middle-aged, lung disease for miners, and physical deformity for the old.

  • Diseases from insanitary drinking water killed thousands each year.

  • From the late 1850s, when Henry Parkes chaired an inquiry into the condition of Sydney's working class, reformers had identified pockets of overcrowded, insanitary housing in the back streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

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