Definition Of horrid


causing horror.

a horrid nightmare

rough; bristling.

Our caves are not like her castle, and when we pluck fruit from the trees we have nursed so carefully in crevices, away from the wind, we have to climb their rough and horrid trunks.

Example Of horrid

  • After a horrid , torrid week in which all sorts of colourful allegations have been thrown at the Government, none of it appears to have stuck.

  • Also, my apologies for the atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes, they're horrid !

  • Although the appearance of the young man was absolutely horrid , the one blue and one brown eye could never be mistaken.

  • As one walks there at night when peaceful Balinese music is suddenly transformed into bomb-like thunder, one just can't stop a horrid chill creeping over every part of the body.

  • ‘Behind the bar, it was so smelly and horrid ,’ she recalls, nose wrinkling.

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