Definition Of hiccup


an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, with a sudden closure of the glottis and a characteristic sound like that of a cough.

Everyday hiccups don't need medical treatment, as they will go away on their own.

suffer from or make the sound of a hiccup or series of hiccups.

Her dark eyes are wide with childish terror, and she hiccups so dramatically that, at first, she cannot speak at all.

Example Of hiccup

  • A case report published in Southern Medical Journal shows that lidocaine may be effective in treating chronic, intractable hiccups .

  • A giggle, more a hiccup in sound than anything, emerged from her pursed lips.

  • And while they've had a hiccup or two along the way, the fact is that they remain firmly on course to lift the title.

  • And, similar to the video, the audio suffers from a few hiccups .

  • As it happens, the setback turned out to be the only hiccup in the 14 race series, and Andy made an astonishing recovery to claim 11 victories in his last 12 race meetings.

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