Definition Of hagiology


literature dealing with the lives and legends of saints.

The hagiology from which he has benefited in the last 50 years suggests that he may well have been right.

Example Of hagiology

  • He immediately emphasized the theoretical and practical significance of hagiology as a science, as well as the parish priest's book at the first of its kind in our country.

  • I'm not terribly interested in the dueling hagiologists and demonizers bickering over the historical legacy of the informant.

  • Loving, non-critical support could reinstate this hagiological chess figure to his former glory and put the royal game back in the media's crosshairs.

  • Muslim hagiological works, some reliable others not so reliable, too report on addition to Muslim population through conversions.

  • On the other hand, many poems occurring in Saints’ Lives are included when they appear to have been distinct compositions inserted by the hagiologist .

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