Definition Of grizzle


(especially of hair or fur) having dark and white hairs mixed.


(of a child) cry fretfully.

a grizzling baby

a mixture of dark and white hairs.

Today the bags under his eyes are big and dark enough to trap a badger and a grey grizzle of beard coats his jowls.

Example Of grizzle

  • A grizzling or whining type of cry often begins in older babies - and - lucky you - it's usually reserved for parents.

  • After he moaned and grizzled a bit more, and after I said I couldn't stop the rain a couple of times, I got up, we both went to the toilet - again - and I tucked him in his own bed.

  • Again, National members grizzle and whine but offer no alternative.

  • Although most Borders have dark ears and muzzles, their coats may be grizzle and tan, blue and tan, red or wheaten.

  • An English-born colleague grizzled that it seemed very focused on London.

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