Definition Of grind


(of a dancer) rotate the hips.

go-go girls grinding to blaring disco

a crushing or grating sound or motion.

the crunch and grind of bulldozers

a dancer's rotary movement of the hips.

a bump and grind

reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it.

grind some black pepper over the salad

rub or cause to rub together gratingly.

tectonic plates that inexorably grind against each other

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Example Of grind

  • "We use half a tank getting up the Kaimais and then we have the slow grind down the other side, " he said.

  • grind some black pepper over the salad

  • a bump and grind

  • A friend of mine has escaped the daily grind for a jaunt to Paris.

  • Addicts either swallow the tablets or grind them into powder that can be inhaled or turned into liquid and injected.

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