Definition Of going


(especially of a price) generally accepted as fair or correct; current.

people willing to work for the going rate

an act or instance of leaving a place; a departure.

his going left an enormous gap in each of their lives

existing or available; to be had.

he asked if there were any other jobs going

the condition of the ground viewed in terms of suitability for walking, riding, or other travel (used especially in the context of horse racing).

the going was ideal here, with short turf and a level surface

Example Of going

  • A huge crowd was at Prestbury Park where the going was good but the rain dampened spirits a little.

  • All employees work a minimum of 15 hours per week and are paid the going rate for the job.

  • Another advantage going for huss is that, compared to many other fish, they grow sizeable.

  • Because we are in administration clubs might feel they do not have to pay the going rate.

  • But who is going to train them, bearing in mind that they will be extra to the going rate?

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