Definition Of glance


a brief or hurried look.

Sean and Michael exchanged glances

a flash or gleam of light.

a shiny sulfide ore of lead, copper, or other metal.

It is usually assumed that when lead glance is opened up with nitric and tartaric acids and water, the silver remains in solution as nitrate.

hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely.

he saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head

take a brief or hurried look.

Ginny glanced at her watch

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Example Of glance

  • A glance at his watch told him that it was way past dinner time.

  • A closer glance told me it was Angelo.

  • A tentative glance around the room assured her she wouldn't be noticed.

  • Avery cast a long, sideways glance in his direction and glared at him.

  • Feeling slightly awkward, she threw a puzzled glance over her shoulder.

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