Definition Of foxy


resembling or likened to a fox.

a terrier with a foxy expression

Example Of foxy

  • ‘I love the look - very foxy,’ said one young woman who could be described as rather foxy herself.

  • Bringing more good news from Sweden, these foxy female 20-somethings have been playing since pre-pubescence, and this well-timed stateside debut hits girlie bands and Strokes mimers where it hurts.

  • By night, he toils on his self-indulgent solo art film, obsessively documenting the minutiae of his life while the bigger picture-the growing distance between him and his foxy French lady friend Marlene-eludes him.

  • Don't they just make you want to hop into a Porsche convertible, drive down to the beach, and enjoy a midnight stroll with a foxy lady?

  • Dressed in a foxy pink velvet cocktail dress, she looks and sounds overjoyed, obviously loving the enthusiastic homecoming atmosphere.

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