Definition Of flab


soft loose flesh on a person's body; fat.

Though alcohol need not be eliminated from our lives, it is of interest to note that it is devoid of any nutritional value and can be turned into fat, adding flab to the body.

Example Of flab

  • As his athletic bulk has turned to flab , he is now seen as a danger only to fellow-users of public transport.

  • But if you stick to a program of healthful, moderately sized meals, this could be all your body needs to rid itself of excess flab .

  • But the grand ambition to shed festive season flab is likely to be quietly ditched by two-thirds of people before winter is out.

  • He was of good army build, not letting any flab get to his body with his steel blue eyes that demanded respect when he wanted it.

  • I hated how I looked so I spent the summer working out and doing everything I could do get rid of my baby fat and flab .

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