Definition Of file


(of a group of people) walk one behind the other, typically in an orderly and solemn manner.

the mourners filed into the church

a folder or box for holding loose papers that are typically arranged in a particular order for easy reference.

a file of correspondence

a line of people or things one behind another.

Plains Cree warriors riding in file down the slopes

a tool with a roughened surface or surfaces, typically of steel, used for smoothing or shaping a hard material.

it is possible to make the necessary notch with a file

place (a document) in a cabinet, box, or folder in a particular order for preservation and easy reference.

the contract, when signed, is filed

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Example Of file

  • file compression

  • a file name

  • a file of correspondence

  • a file of English soldiers had ridden out from Perth

  • And they had to figure out what to name the file , before they could close down the computer and head out into the snow.

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