Definition Of fantasize


indulge in daydreaming about something desired.

he sometimes fantasized about emigrating

Example Of fantasize

  • Ah yes, I had fantasized about quitting the Warehouse, but I never dreamt it would be this sweet when it finally happened.

  • As the global flow of people speeds up, and our cities and countries become more diverse, there is no shortage of material out of which to fantasise the enemies of our nightmares.

  • Burton is a brilliant fantasist with a dark vision, and these are attributes that suit Dahl's strange story very well.

  • But McVay's bullying haunts him, and he fantasizes revenge.

  • But the last lines of the poem reveal that the prince has been fantasizing the whole episode; that he has been meditating, on the brink of an important political decision, what he would say if his plans failed and he were forced into exile.

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