Definition Of fallback


a reduction or retreat.

the offering will hit the market after a fallback from record highs

an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency.

teaching was a last resort, a fallback

Example Of fallback

  • After sustained increases in support from an 8% base at the 2002 general election, it has recorded a fallback for the first time, seeing its support drop by one point to 11%.

  • compulsory powers should be retained as a fallback

  • However, a spokesman for Edinburgh's Lothian Road institution pointed out that the drop in reserves merely reflected the fallback in the stock market.

  • I wouldn't recommend this as a strategy, but it sure looks like a joyful fallback plan!

  • If that technique, if that strategy, doesn't work, the fallback plan would be taking my major priorities and turning them into initiatives and going directly to the people.

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