Definition Of excoriate


censure or criticize severely.

the papers that had been excoriating him were now lauding him

damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).

People with this condition have a rash, pruritis, and excoriated crythematous skin in body folds, axillae, and groin.

Example Of excoriate

  • A few days later the Prime Minister was excoriated in the press for being, principally, a performer - and one who admires performers.

  • A much-experienced newspaper colleague excoriated me as grossly unfair, if not libellous.

  • Activists had to encounter an initially dismissive public, hostile populist politicians, excoriation by religious fundamentalists and the slow wheels of government.

  • After a long diatribe, Noah excoriated me: ‘How can you bring such a phony to speak to your class?’

  • And some of them have been extremely strong, excoriating the president.

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