Definition Of enclosure


a document or object placed in an envelope together with a letter.

The letter's enclosures included documents in support of that charge.

an area that is sealed off with an artificial or natural barrier.

The Park itself has many other attractions, such as woodland walks, deer enclosures and wild boar areas.

the state of being enclosed, especially in a religious community.

the nuns kept strict enclosure

Example Of enclosure

  • a deer enclosure

  • A new wall and grills have already been put up to form an enclosure around the area.

  • A process known as land enclosure had changed the face of the landscape.

  • Almost immediately he began setting up his own Botanic Garden, taking over an old stone-walled enclosure , formerly the common or stable yard, next to the kitchen garden.

  • Around the circle is a ditched enclosure with an outer bank.

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