Definition Of eighborhood


a district, especially one forming a community within a town or city.

Though it is rarely discussed, few argue that the poor and oppressed have the political capital necessary to compete for the federal funding and social programs that often go to wealthier cities and neighbourhoods .

Example Of eighborhood

  • A few years later in 1914 Hausdorff defined neighbourhoods by four axioms so again there were no metric considerations.

  • At the same time gay communities were forming in neighborhoods in the large cities with a burgeoning culture of bars, organizations, and newspapers.

  • Books were distributed in communities and neighbourhoods , and to family members and friends.

  • Congregations who welcome and affirm persons with special needs help set an expectation of acceptance within the neighborhood and community.

  • Could you talk a bit about the role of community arts in the community - the neighborhood or the city as a whole?

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