Definition Of dummy


a model or replica of a human being.

a waxwork dummy

a stupid person.

But the devil with the horns was looked upon as a kind of fool's gold, taught to dummies too stupid to grasp the honest ideology of actual wrongdoing.

create a prototype or mock-up of a book or page.

officials dummied up a set of photos

something designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual thing; a counterfeit or sham.

tests using stuffed owls and wooden dummies


the declarer's partner, whose cards are exposed on the table after the opening lead and played by the declarer.

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Example Of dummy

  • dummy whist

  • A dummy camera was set up earlier this year to prevent cars using the bus gate.

  • a dummy subject as in ‘it is’ or ‘there are’

  • a dummy subject, as in “it is” or “there are.”

  • a dummy torpedo

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