Definition Of drab


a prostitute.

a slovenly woman.

fabric of a dull brownish color.

lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull.

the landscape was drab and gray

of a dull light brown color.

drab camouflage uniforms

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Example Of drab

  • A drab brown little bird, it has a weak but musical song, which doesn't carry far but can be heard from low bushes or hedges.

  • A great performance by Polanski as the boring, drab office worker who slowly goes insane, and, consequently, sheds his inhibited personality.

  • A splendid Stalagmite standing 2 to 3 feet high and set apart from the drab brown of the rest of the passage by its white crystalline purity greeted my ascent.

  • After months in the desert, surrounded by drab camouflage gear, the soldiers smiled broadly at the flight attendants as they boarded the plane.

  • All of them wore their drab browns with the exception of their red-clad King.

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