Definition Of dissolutions


debauched living; dissipation.

an advanced state of dissolution

the closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership, or official body.

the dissolution of their marriage

Example Of dissolutions

  • A psychoanalytic reading suggests that horror movies play on our individual nightmares, and specifically our fear of death and dissolution , which Freud called unheimlich or uncanny.

  • an advanced state of dissolution

  • Biovermiculation is limestone erosion and dissolution caused by bacteria over time in the form of pitting and etching.

  • By 1825, through a series of foundings, dissolutions , and amalgamations, there were two significant conspiratorial societies, the Southern and the Northern.

  • Further military credits were now refused, and angry dissolutions and new elections ordered by the government in December 1861 and May 1862 only served to reinforce the opposition.

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