Definition Of dissolutio


debauched living; dissipation.

What could be done to increase the appeal of reading and to decrease the appeal of drink and dissolution ?

the closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership, or official body.

The fight for the dissolution of repressive bodies and the release of political prisoners was forever linked with the demand for recognition of Basque sovereignty.

Example Of dissolutio

  • A cedar shingle wall is beautiful from the start of its life all the way through to final dissolution .

  • A psychoanalytic reading suggests that horror movies play on our individual nightmares, and specifically our fear of death and dissolution , which Freud called unheimlich or uncanny.

  • an advanced state of dissolution

  • Biovermiculation is limestone erosion and dissolution caused by bacteria over time in the form of pitting and etching.

  • But the destruction, or perhaps dissolution of the Iraqi army, led to a growing disinterest in the specifics of tactical activities.

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