Definition Of dismember


cut off the limbs of (a person or animal).

I can picture you in a white jacket dismembering rats

Example Of dismember

  • A TEN-year-old schoolgirl yesterday told a hushed court how she had seen the man accused of murdering and dismembering another man beat her mother.

  • A very straightforward narrative told with understated cinematic technique, this is not an excuse to show off how cool it can be to dismember a character using computer graphics.

  • A Yorkshireman suspected of dismembering a man then fleeing to the United States was waiting to return to the UK last night after officially waiving his right to fight extradition.

  • After World War I, England and France dismembered the Ottoman Empire and carved out Iraq and other states as pawns of European colonial interests.

  • Austria-Hungary lost 1.3 million military lives and the victorious western Allies dismembered its empire.

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