Definition Of denser


(of a person) stupid.

The American agent looked at Logan as if he were a math teacher trying to explain a simple problem to a dense student.

(of a text) hard to understand because of complexity of ideas.

Once you've got past the first layer of the menu system, which uses a screen full of icons, the subsequent menus are dense lists of text.

closely compacted in substance.

dense volcanic rock

Example Of denser

  • Although his soundscapes are incredibly dense and compact, his compositions are not as hectic as they might seem.

  • Anya frowned at the English guy as if he were particularly dense .

  • As it turns out, your ears are particularly dense with these pressure points.

  • But the text was so dense and so long that I imagine few people will have read it.

  • Depleted uranium is an extremely dense substance derived from enriched uranium.

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