Definition Of denomination


a name or designation, especially one serving to classify a set of things.

One of the first denominations it had was Korinthos, but this name would change depending on different invaders and on who was in control of the town at different given periods.

a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church.

The Council is an organisation for Christian churches of all denominations in the city.

the face value of a banknote, coin, or postage stamp.

a hundred dollars or so, in small denominations

Example Of denomination

  • denomination of oneself as a fat woman

  • A religious group includes denomination or mode of worship or a group sharing common beliefs.

  • Again, initial analyses revealed no effect of denomination or religious conservatism on volunteering, and so these variables were not included in the final regression analysis.

  • As different coloured cards have different powers, Barry and Vice Barry can choose which colour they receive from Les and Vice Les, but only if the Les's have multiple cards of the same denomination .

  • At your turn you can either pass or bid higher than the previous bidder - either by bidding more tricks, or by bidding the same number of tricks in a higher denomination .

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