Definition Of dark


(of a color or object) not reflecting much light; approaching black in shade.

dark green

(of a period of time or situation) characterized by tragedy, unhappiness, or unpleasantness.

the dark days of the war

a dark color or shade, especially in a painting.

Brian sees the world in black and white, and Caravaggio painted in lights and darks .

denoting a velarized form of the sound of the letter l (as in pull ).

English has two allophones for /l/, "light/clearl" and " dark l". I am conducting a study on the distribution of these two allophones.

the absence of light in a place.

Carolyn was sitting in the dark

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Example Of dark

  • A dark-complexioned girl is engaged to be married to a dark man much older than her.

  • A folky lament on death and love, it never sounds as dark as its lyrics intend because of tremendous harmonies.

  • A limerick novelist has just launched her second novel, a tale of a bored housewife with a dark secret.

  • A man was dragged into a dark car park in Southend town centre and robbed at knifepoint by two thugs.

  • A movie which is about dark power and evil, it uses the most powerful of Indian myths to its advantage.

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