Definition Of dahlia

a tuberous-rooted Mexican plant of the daisy family, cultivated for its brightly colored single or double flowers.

For late-summer color, plant begonias, dahlias , gladiolus, montbretia, and tigridia.

Example Of dahlia

  • After the first frost has killed back the foliage, dig and store tender perennial bulbs such as dahlias and gladiolus that can't survive the winter in the ground in a cold climate.

  • Although David follows these steps with tuberous begonias, they work for other tender bulbs, such as cannas, gladioli and dahlias .

  • Container gardens are also perfect for perennials, annuals, and summer bulbs such as lilies or dahlias .

  • Don't forget the flower beds - plant dahlias and gladioli now.

  • Don't overlook summer-blooming callas, dahlias and cannas.

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