Definition Of cut up


(of a person) very distressed.

his girlfriend is dying and he's really cut up about it

a film or sound recording made by cutting and editing material from preexisting recordings.

a person who is fond of making jokes or playing pranks.

divided into pieces by cutting.

cut-up vegetables

Example Of cut up

  • ‘Windmill’ is the title track's crisper cousin, stumbling in with a string of vocal cutups and featuring a reserved but energetic percussion breakdown.

  • But I have been needing the retail therapy, I am still cut up about Lea, although I have been trying to suppress it more and more.

  • Don't they realize that it doesn't matter if one candidate is a likable cutup and the other one a superior stiff when it comes to stuff like global warming, a patients' bills of rights, Social Security, the right to choose, etc.?

  • Firstly I am still cut up about Lea, and I will be for a while - it's just poor timing that my crisis and Allison's seem to have coincided.

  • He couldn't figure out why Robin was so cut up about this chick.

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