Definition Of cunning


attractive; quaint.

the baby will look cunning in that pink print

having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion.

a cunning look came into his eyes

skill in achieving one's ends by deceit.

a statesman to whom cunning had come as second nature

Example Of cunning

  • A little cunning skill is obviously useful, and luck is a vital ingredient that I like to enjoy in large measure.

  • After all, when it comes to cunning stunts, we may have a natural advantage.

  • And to survive you have to negotiate it with all the cunning of a fox.

  • And while the common law judges, with the prestige, wealth and cunning of the national government behind them, were ascendant forces, they had to tread rather softly.

  • Apparently he likes to maintain the illusion that there is some great political cunning at work, that his selections reveal his innate ability to foresee problems and win seats.

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