Definition Of cultivatio


refinement and good education.

The growth of artistic expressions is a sign of cultivation of sensitivity, of mellowing, of humanism.

the action of cultivating land, or the state of being cultivated.

The village council or the lineage group did not have effective control over lands under cultivation or fallow fields.

the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill.

However, the art schools formally disseminated the knowledge of the medium and technique of its usage, alongside cultivation of a taste for it.

Example Of cultivatio

  • a man of cultivation and taste

  • About 85 percent of all work resides in the traditional agricultural sector, comprising cultivation of crops and rasing of livestock.

  • Access to agricultural land for cultivation and capital for undertaking non-farm self-employment is critical.

  • Agricultural officials estimate that 150,000 hectares of paddy rice cultivation has been ruined.

  • At present, however, only about 10 percent of the nation's agricultural land is under cultivation , and subsistence farming is all but dead.

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