Definition Of congregation


(in the Roman Catholic Church) a permanent committee of the College of Cardinals.

the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things.

large congregations of birds may cause public harm

a group of people assembled for religious worship.

In the congregation assembled for worship, these two movements meet, and the heavenly angels join the children of God in festal celebration.

a group of people obeying a common religious rule but under less solemn vows than members of the older religious orders.

the sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady

Example Of congregation

  • A congregation perceives its role within a community according to its core values.

  • A small congregation of birds flew away in consternation.

  • Added to these were the leadership and the interpersonal skills of the incumbent rabbi, who was much respected, both within and outside the congregation .

  • All around the meeting place are blocks of flats and the congregation regularly does leaflet drops.

  • All the initiated Sikhs form Panth, whereas all the members of a Sikh congregation form a Sangat or Sikh Sangat.

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