confab Meaning in Bengali

Definition Of confab


an informal private conversation or discussion.

they wandered off to the woods for a private confab

engage in informal private conversation.

Peter was confabbing with a curly-haired guy

Example Of confab

  • A brief confab and much to the dismay of the defence, Mr Crouch was pointing to the spot.

  • A decades-long dispute over lumber isn't likely to be addressed during the brief confab - even if it is set amid the splendour of a Canadian pine forest.

  • Across at the changing rooms more players buzz about like excited bees round a honey-pot, the hum of enthusiasm providing the backing track for the latest confab between the club chairman and management team, who are gathered outside.

  • Alliances that frayed or hot products that take longer than expected to reach primetime linger on the minds of everyone who has been at a few of these confabs .

  • But all Wright does is repeat platitudes from his last confab at Brookings.

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